Friday, 16 November 2012

Boarding For The Paws

Training Day.

Today is the first day of training, for an adventure i'm sure I will never forget.

Four months from now myself and Zoltan Stewart will be Longboarding Coast to Coast (Newfoundland-B.C.) And will be bringing the up and coming band Mimi Cry along for the ride.

The whole purpose and goal of this cross-country-long-boarding-indie-tour is to raise awareness and funds as a Not-for Profit Organization in two key areas: 

(1) Environmental Sustainability 
(2) Environmentally friendly methods of transportation that do not leave a carbon footprint

By teaming up with WWF we will be able to address vital issues, like the extinction of World renowned mammals like the Polarbear, and use the money raised to ensure the safety, security and long term sustainability plans for our at risk animals, while investing in new technology to learn how to effectively reduce our carbon footprint on the environment.

By using the "Pledge" system, we will allow for secure transfers of money (cash and credit) to be deposited into the Boarding for the Paws Charity Account with the option to receive a receipt to keep for your own records.

As of Today, we already have a drink sponsor, and are working towards an agreement with a small longboard shop in Toronto, Canada (our home town).

We will also be contacting GM and Shell to discuss sponsorship for an environmentally friendly rodey vehicle (GM) as well as renewable energy to fuel the vehicle (Shell).

We are still in the building steps, but the more support we get the faster this will grow into something HUGE!



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